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Charles Rupert is pleased to present four new websites for our Customers. We have compiled many useful articles on aspects of heritage houses, their design, development, and their interior and exterior colors and decoration. ar

Please click on your choice of the websites and topics below.

Articles in the Old House Colors website explain and illustrate aspects of choosing correct colors for old houses. Both interior and exterior color and decoration schemes are investigated and explained.

How do you research your Old House?
At Old House History you will find tips on researching and recording the genealogy of your house, as well as sources for discovering the structural development of your house - additions and alterations.

Articles at Old House Living cover a wide range of topics – from historic Fireplace Tiles to using Wallpaper in Historic Houses. Historic Style' Newsletter readers will be able to easily access Historic Design articles from previous Newsletters here!

At Classic Bungalows, information is presented on the design and decoration of this distinct style of heritage homes. The design and origin of Bungalows is explained. Was it a house style, or a philosophy and life style?

The William Morris Wallpapers and Fabrics website gives information, images and research material about the life, achievements and and legacy of one of the world's best known designers of wallpaper and fabric.