Eco Information

Charles Rupert Designs is pleased to offer selected wallpapers that are all printed on 100% paper base (not vinyl), using traditional equipment and water-based inks.

On each page that features an Eco-friendly wallpaper in our catalogue, we have added this logo:


The paper base is formaldehyde-free mechanical wood pulp paper produced from sustainable managed forests, and produced in highly regulated European paper mills. The mechanical wood pulp process uses significantly less wood than the chemical wood pulp process, and produces mostly benign byproducts such as water.


The inks and coatings used in the printing process have a high percentage of naturally occurring fillers and pigments including china clays, limestones, ochres, oxides and other natural pigments. No pigments are used which contain lead or other heavy metals. These inks and coatings are water-based, with very low VOC (volatile organic compound) levels.


All wallpapers are installed with traditional wheat paste or cellulose paste. These adhesives are made from powder and mixed with water according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These pastes produce no VOCs (volatile organic compound).

Clear, starch-based, pre-mixed adhesives may also be used. The composition of these adhesives will vary slightly between manufacturers, so the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from the manufacturers should be consulted to check for any concerns. These adhesives are generally OSHA rated as “non-hazardous”, with very low VOCs.